.Osaka Assigned to Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Interlink Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that operations for .osaka will be transitioned to Osaka Registry Co., Ltd. (Osaka Registry), a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Interlink.

Interlink created Osaka Registry Co., Ltd. for the sole purpose of operating the .osaka Top Level Domain. This move enables us to continue our focus on the Osaka Community while maintaining transparency with regards to our contribution to the community.

On February 08, 2017, Interlink and Osaka Registry executed an Assignment and Assumption Agreement in which Osaka Registry accepted the assignment of the ICANN Registry Agreement, all liabilities, contractual relationships, and obligations related the management and operation of the .osaka TLD.

ICANN formally acknowledged this Assignment on March 14, 2017, and has posted a copy of the Assignment and Assumption Agreement on its website.

Registry contact information remains the same, and all technical operations will maintain the status quo.