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[.osaka] is the official Internet Address for Osaka.
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  • sightseeing.osaka
  • gourmet.osaka
  • ramenshop.osaka
  • kani.osaka
  • nightclubs.osaka
  • 好きやねん.osaka
  • B級グルメの街.osaka

[.osaka] is the official Internet Address for Osaka, Japan.

[.osaka] example

.osaka (read as dot Osaka)  is a new Top-Level Domain (address on the Internet) often referred to as just “TLD”.  TLDs identify specific addresses on the web in which users can access to send and receive information. Traditionally, the Internet has been limited TLDs like .com, net, or .jp.

.osaka is an Internet address specifically for the Osaka Community Unlike traditional web addresses like .com, .net, or .jp, [.osaka] is a specific, meaningful, and memorable domain that is easily understood.

Osaka’s Community Domain
The .osaka domain Benefits the Osaka Community!
Osaka Registry strives to make .osaka a safe, stable, and secure TLD for the entire Osaka Community. As part of its operational plans, the registry will contribute 50% of .osaka profits (after initial cost recovery) to community projects to expand the Internet, foster communications, improve commerce, and grow the online communities of Osaka.
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.osaka is a brand new domain so there are plenty of great names available. Domains are allocated on a first come, first served basis in all registration phases so make sure you don’t miss your chance to secure a valuable domain name!

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